The Blue Hole
d j. gilman painting of Chippenhook vermont
January 2014.  
I follow no painting rules, and have fun watching a canvas come to life.  I have no idea how my pantings will end. This painting brings "Good Memories" hunting squirrels with my Dad and and Gramp Gilman. This place is in Chippenhook Vermont near rutland.  
d j gilman
March 2013
The covered bridge in Shrewsbury Vermont
​    I used archival ink pens, graphite pencils on acid free paper to draw this scene. This took me almost 40 hours to complete it. I had many good memories that flowed through my my mind while drawing this scene.  d j gilman

This drawing is in a chapter of my memoir.
my drawing of the wooden coveredbridge in Shrewsbury Vermont
my painting of Red Sky at Night Saliors Delight
January 2014
The backdrop took over, and a few hours later the canvas was taking a life of it's own.  I just tune to the music hits of the 1960s, go into the "zone", and let the canvas decide the finish.  Red Sky at Night is a sailor's delight !
d. j. gilman
No easel when working on my paintings!  I found an alternative method painting on canvas. Cut several pieces of cardboard, and place beneath wood framed canvas as in photographs.
    This simple adaptation allows for me to place my hands on the canvas -- thus preventing the canvas stretching. d.j. gilman
adaptng canvas for card board insert
card board cut, taped, and inside framed canvas
Danny Gilman using the card board adaption for painting on canvas
painting impression d.j, gilman, artist, dan gilman rutland vermont
February 2014
This is "Momma Goose and Baby Gosling" after a rainstorm.  My experiment combining a little impressionist style with my style. Using acrylics on canvas.
dj gilman
d.j. gilman, Spring in Vermont,  trees blooming during spring in Vermont
March 2014
My first trial trying Impressionism style for an entire painting.  I named this Spring In Vermont  . The scene reminds me of an abandoned orchard at Lake Bomoseen vt , behind Gram and Gramp Mcphee camp , during the 1960s.  d j gilman
d.j. gilman Creek Happens
March 13, 2014
Acrylic on canvas
My second attempt at impression style painting on canvas. This painting just "happened" as I tossed my recipe of acrylics colors , and I went with the flow of my moods listening to 1960s music.  
 I think I'll call this painting... 
"Creek Happens"

d.j. gilman , summer breeze
March 27, 2014
Acrylic on canvas
My third attempt at impressionism style painting using acrylics on canvas.  This is a lakeside scenery landscape of Lake Bomoseen, in Castleton Vermont I have titled:   "Summer Breeze"
 d j gilman
December 21, 2015
"Gold Dust Flurry"
Oil on canvas
recently I have been experimiting using oil paints.  much easier than Acrylic paints!!

I created this artwork intent upon demonstrating winter’s prism of colors when conditions are ideal during Vermont’s harsh winter season. We only need observe as nature’s mixtures of cold, sunshine, sunrays and snow, will sometimes reward us with brief moments of beauty and bursts of colors. 
This artwork is a memory of mine when a snow flurry was racing across Chittenden Dam. The rays of sunlight were breaking through the storm clouds creating giving me illusion of gold dust being sprinkled onto the frozen body of water.
gold dust flurry, oil on canvas